Getting Started

With Bambora, you have access to authorize, sale, capture, credit, and void when processing payments. To learn more about Bambora, visit our website or Bambora's website.

Registering With Bambora

You register for a Bambora account with the Bambora Account Application Form, or by calling 1-888-472-0811. Be sure to mention Volusion when you call.

Once your merchant account has been set up with Bambora, you'll receive a username and password to log in and manage your account, as well as a merchant ID.

Connecting Volusion With Bambora

Once you have a Bambora merchant ID number, you'll need to use it to integrate your Bambora account with your Volusion store, as follows:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Settings > Payment.

  2. On the Payment Gateway tab, select Canada as the Gateway Country.

  3. Select Bambora from the Gateway Name menu.

  4. Enter your Bambora Merchant ID, Username, and Password, then click Save.

Your store should now be ready to accept and process credit card payments through Bambora.

Configuring Bambora for Refunds, Voids, and More

Once your Bambora account has been created, you'll need to configure some settings within your account in order for your store to be able to process credit payment voids and refunds.

  1. Log in to your Bambora account and click on the Administration link in the menu bar.

  2. Next, click on the Account Settings link, and then click on Order Settings.

  3. Deselect the Restrict Internet Transaction Processing Types option.

  4. Select the option labeled Use Username/Password Validation Against Transaction.

  5. In the Username and Password fields, enter any values you wish - these fields are unrelated to your Bambora account username and password - and click the Update button.

Once you've applied these settings to your Bambora account, you need to enter the username and password that you defined within the Bambora Order Settings page into your store's Payment page.

Now you can process credits and voids.

Note for Current Bambora-Based Merchants

If your store is already integrated with Bambora, you can "upgrade" to Volusion's updated Bambora integration to access all 5 major sale/authorization modes by following the instructions above, starting with Connecting Volusion with Bambora.

Select Canada as your country and then choose Bambora as your gateways. Re-enter your Bambora merchant ID and click Save to use Volusion's new Bambora integration.

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