Nobody wants any trouble around here! Especially when it comes to collecting money. So if PayPal has you shaking your fists, 👊  we have some easy solutions you can try to get that money in the bank like a boss. 🏦 

If you experience complications or difficulties using PayPal's basic online payment system with your Volusion store, this article should help you troubleshoot and resolve most issues. Please bear in mind that we highly recommend using our PayPal Express integration instead.

Configuring PayPal for Use With Volusion

When configuring your store to offer PayPal as a payment option, be sure to enter the primary email address you have set up for accepting payments int the PayPal Email Address field. To do this, go to Alternative Payment Types under Settings > Payment in your Admin Area.

If this information is incomplete or incorrect, your customers will not be able to submit payments to your PayPal account after completing an order.

Check PayPal Email Address

The email address must be the primary email address attached to your PayPal account. Any secondary email addresses you have set up will not receive the payment notification message and therefore will not update the orders on the Volusion side when the payment has been made.

The Website Payment Preferences

The way you should navigate through PayPal to access your preferences depends on the screen that displays when you log in. Follow the instructions in path A or B below, depending on how your screen appears.


  1. On the My Account > Overview tab, click Profile.
  2. In the Hosted Payments Settings section, click Website Payments Preference.


  1. On the My Account > Overview tab, click Profile.
  2. From the Profile menu, click More Options.
  3. In the leftmost column, select My Selling Tools.
  4. In the Selling Online section, click Update at the end of the Website Preferences row.

This will open the Website Payments Preference window. You can now update the following settings.

Configure Payment Data Transfer Settings

Directly beneath the Auto Return for Website Payments section accessed above is the Payment Data Transfer (optional) section. Make sure that Payment Data Transfer is set to Off.

Turn Off PayPal Account Optional Settings

Further down this page is the PayPal Account Optional section. This setting is for use with eBay or other online auction sites. However it can cause errors within your Volusion store, so it needs to be deactivated.

If this setting is not disabled, your customers may encounter an "Invalid Input" error when attempting to apply payments to your store.

Instant Payment Notification Settings

Finally, you need to ensure that Instant Payment Notification messages are enabled and delivered to the appropriate page on your site. As mentioned above, the way to get there depends upon your account setup.


  1. On the My Account > Overview tab, click Profile.
  2. In the Selling preferences section, click Instant Payment Notification preferences.


  1. On the My Account > Overview tab click Profile > More Options.
  2. Click on My Selling Tools in the leftmost column.
  3. In the Getting Paid and Managing My Risk section, at the end of the Instant Payment notification row, click Update.

Enabling Instant Payment Notifications

If you're using PayPal Standard to accept payment from an eCommerce provider in addition to Volusion, enter the IPN URL for the other provider. When you use Volusion and it detects another value in this field, it will temporarily override the other provider's URL. If you are only using PayPal Standard for your Volusion store, you will need to enter the IPN URL specified below:

1. Click on the Choose IPN Settings button.

2. The Edit Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Settings screen is displayed.

3. In the Notification URL field, enter the following if you have an SSL-secured site:

If you don't have an SSL-secured site, enter the following:

Be sure to replace "" with your domain name.

4. Make sure that the Receive IPN messages (Enabled) radio button is selected.

5. Click Save.


PayPal is the easiest way to set up your store to process secure online payments, and their established brand name is one that customers have come to trust. Good thing it easily integrates with Volusion — that is, if you have it set up correctly. Because nobody likes a holdup when it comes to money! 🤑

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