If you’re doing business Down Under, SecurePay is a payment gateway available to Australian merchants 🇦🇺  and it’s compatible with your Volusion platform! Just enable SecurePay in your store’s Admin Area. 👍

SecurePay offers advance fraud protection, security and customer payment options from a known brand name that Australian shoppers can trust. 🔐

You can enable SecurePay in your store's Admin Area, as follows:

Configuring SecurePay Payment Gateway

  1. In your store Admin Area, go to Settings > Payment.

  2. From the Gateway Country menu, select Australia.

  3. From the Gateway Name menu, select Other.

  4. In the Gateway Name field that displays, type "SECUREPAY" (without quotation marks), making sure to capitalize the entire word.

  5. In the first Custom field, enter your SecurePay Merchant ID.

  6. Leave the second Custom field blank.

  7. In the third Custom field, enter your SecurePay Password.

  8. Click Save.

Setting Up Your Gateway Currency Code

If you haven’t already, you also need to configure your store's Payment Gateway Currency Code:

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables.

  2. From the Filter menu, select Checkout Variables.

  3. Enter "AUD" into the Payment Gateway Currency Code field and click Save.

That's it! Your store should now be able to accept payments through SecurePay.

Upgrading to SecurePayXML

If you configured your SecurePay gateway prior to 6/20/2012, you can take advantage of the new SecurePay XML integration by contacting SecurePay Support. You can then follow the above steps to begin using the SecurePay XML integration with your store.


At Volusion, we’re proud to serve businesses everywhere. To make it easy for you to accept secure payments Down Under, we integrate with SecurePay. That means your customer can shop 🛍️  with comfort and confidence. Ka-ching!

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