As the store owner, you have the right to refuse service to anyone, especially if they seem like they’re up to no good.  If you use eProcessing, you can restrict specific IP addresses in your gateway configuration settings. In order for the eProcessing gateway to communicate with your Volusion store, you must add Volusion's IP addresses to your list of Allowed IPs.

  1. Log in to your eProcessing Network gateway account.

  2. Choose Processing Control and click Go.

  3. In the Allowed IPs section of the page (under the Advanced heading), add the following IP address:

  4. Contact eProcessing customer support to have the Restrict Key disabled for your account.

Note that in order for the eProcessing Network gateway to function with Volusion, your payment gateway transaction settings must be set to Authorize and Capture at Sale. You'll also need to deselect (uncheck) the box for TDBE (Transparent Database Engine) in the Processing Control section of your eProcessing Network gateway account.


eProcessing allows you to process payments securely, in real time. However, if something seems fishy, you can restrict certain IP addresses. Just be sure to add Volusion’s IP address to your list of allowable IP addresses first, so the eProcessing gateway and Volusion can talk to one another.

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