One major reason that online shopping is so popular is the sheer convenience of it. Customers can purchase wherever, whenever. And now,  they don’t even have to bother reaching for their wallets as long as you have Amazon Pay integrated on your Volusion site.

To ensure that your customers can log in to Amazon Pay no matter which button they click from the shoppingcart.asp page, you can create a redirect using the following script. This redirect will ensure that customers are redirected to the Amazon account login window when they click Proceed to Checkout or Login & Checkout.

This option should only be used if you offer Amazon Pay as your only payment method.

Remember to archive your theme before making any changes to it. Please keep in mind that this script is provided as a courtesy and is to be used as-is. The Volusion Support team will not be able to offer any technical assistance or troubleshooting.

Inserting the JavaScript Code for Amazon Pay Checkout

Go to Design > File Editor and select the template_xx.html file from the Shortcuts list on the right. Insert the following code near the bottom of the template_xx.html file, right before the closing body tag (</body>):

/* Volusion Amazon Pay ONLY script. Use only if your only payment method is Amazon Pay! 11/13/15 */
(function ($, w, undefined) {
$(function () {
if (PageName() === 'shoppingcart.asp') {
var azbtn = $('[id="OffAmazonPaymentsWidgets0"]');

if (/action=ppe/.test(w.location.href)) {;

$('#v65-checkout-login-button-cell [name="ReturnTo"]').val('shoppingcart.asp?action=ppe');

$('[name="btn_checkout_guest"]').click(function () {;
return false;
})(jQuery, window);

Be sure to click Save once you've added this script to your theme file.

Now, any customer who clicks Proceed to Checkout or Login & Checkout will see the Amazon login window, just as they would if they clicked Amazon Pay. After logging in to Amazon, the customer is redirected to your store's checkout page.


Remove any barriers to checking out by accepting Amazon Pay and making sure that your customers can log into it, no matter which button they click on from the shoppingcart.asp page. Adding script to your theme file will create just the redirect your customers need to check out with ease and speed.

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