Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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With flat shipping, you can apply a predetermined shipping cost to an entire order based on its price or weight. And if you want to give shoppers an incentive to buy more, you can use multiple flat rates to create shipping tiers based on price or weight range, so the more they buy, the better deal they get.

To create a flat shipping method, log in to your Admin Area, go to Settings > Shipping, scroll down to the Flat Rates section, and click Add Rate.

Enter a shipping method name in the Label field and select Active. Then enter a price, or cost per pound. Now review the shipping locations you’d like the rate to be available for. The Include and Exclude fields inherit your global Ship To Location settings from the main Shipping page. You can remove inclusions by clicking the "x" next to the name, or add exclusions by clicking in the field. Scroll through the list and select the location you’d like to exclude, or type the location name and select it from the list of suggestions.

In the Qualifying Orders section, use the fields to define the price or weight range for the rate. In this case, we’ll charge the amount we specified for orders of 100 dollars or less. When finished, save.

If you’d like to create other tiers, scroll down to the rate you just created and click the Copy icon. Here, we’ll simply change the base Rate and price range. For this tier, we’ll offer 15 dollars for orders between 100 and 500 dollars. We’ll also create one more tier: 18 dollars for orders over 500 dollars.

Now, when a shopper adds an item to the cart, the shipping cost is calculated based on the tiered structure we set up. The cost is 10 dollars since the price falls into our first tier. If we change the quantity, the cost rises to 15 dollars since it now falls into our second tier.

To learn more about shipping features, visit support.volusion.com and search for "Shipping".

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