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The popularity of ecommerce continues to grow, but the same can’t be said for shipping fees, which remain one of the least popular aspects of shopping online. So if you want to make your customers extra happy, offer them a free shipping option.

To get started, log in to your Admin Area, go to Settings > Shipping, locate the Free Shipping section, and click Add Rate. In the Label field, enter the method name as you want it to appear in your storefront selection menu for qualifying orders, and select Active.

Now it’s time to decide which orders should qualify for free shipping. By default, your store offers the option to all locations that your store ships to, all orders, and all products. If you want to change your store’s global include and exclude location settings, make sure Change Ship To Locations for This Method is selected. To delete a global inclusion, simply click the "x" next to it. If you want to exclude additional US states or Canadian provinces, click in the Exclude field. You can either scroll through the list and select a location you want to exclude, or type the location and choose it from the list of suggestions.

To set order qualification requirements, locate the Qualifying Orders section and select Free Shipping on Specific Orders. You can restrict availability by order cost or order weight, or both. And for either parameter, you can specify a minimum value or a maximum value, or both. When finished, save.

To exclude a product, go to its edit page. Under the Advanced Info section, click the Shipping tab, deselect Free Shipping Item, and save.

Now, on the storefront, the method appears when the cart meets the requirements we set. Note that other applicable shipping methods still display, and customers can select them if they’d like to pay for faster delivery. Also, be aware that the free shipping option won’t appear if the cart includes any products that aren’t marked as free shipping items.

If you’d like to display an icon that lets shoppers know when they’re getting close to meeting the requirements, locate the Details section of the method edit page, select Show Free Shipping Qualification Message on Shopping Cart, and save.

Volusion also allows you to create free shipping coupons that override all settings discussed in this video. For more information, visit support.volusion.com and search for "Free Shipping Coupons".

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