If you offer free shipping, a small icon displays by default next to products configured to ship free. It may be an icon of a truck or a package, depending on your theme:

To replace the image:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area.

  2. Click the storefront icon in the top right corner. 

  3. Go to any storefront page that displays the image (such as a product or category page).

  4. Hover over the image you want to swap, then click the blue Edit button that appears with a box around the image.

  5. Use the dialog box to upload a different image in its place (must be in GIF file format). If you don't want any image to display, you can upload a transparent 1x1 pixel image.

Note that the image is shared by all category pages, search results pages, and special homepage sections. A separate (but similar) image that includes the text "free shipping" displays on your product pages: 

You can replace this image using the same method described above.

Please be aware that this image also displays on the shopping cart page under certain conditions. If your store meets any of the following conditions, be sure to edit both versions of the image consistently to avoid confusing your customers:

  • You have selected the Show free shipping qualification message on shopping cart check box under the Details section of your free shipping method.

  • You use the Free shipping on specific orders setting under the Qualifying Orders section of your free shipping method.

  • You have selected the Display on the shopping cart check box at Settings > Shipping > Advanced Settings > Estimated Shipping.

When customers input their locations to receive shipping estimates and have not yet qualified for free shipping, they will see the image with an accompanying message:

You can edit the message text by pointing to it and clicking the special link to the page text article in your Admin Area, or you can navigate directly to it in your Admin Area by clicking to edit your free shipping method (under Settings > Shipping > Free Shipping). In the Details section, below the Show free shipping qualification message on shopping cart check box, click Edit Qualification Message.

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