In order to get them your goods, you’ll want to register your business with Canada Post, the country’s postal service. Canada Post is super user-friendly for small businesses, offering time-saving online tools to manage your bills and bank statements, shipping applications and discounts on shipping.  

Registering with Canada Post

Go to Canada Post - Sign Up and complete your registration information. Once your request is processed by Canada Post, you will receive a response email directing you to call their Online Business Center (1-866-607-6301) and provide them with the registration information that was included in the email.

After you contact Canada Post, you’ll be asked to choose your shipping account type and answer a series of questions about your online retail business. Once you’ve completed Canada Post’s questionnaire, they’ll process your account registration and you’ll be issued a Customer number (note that this number is not your Merchant ID.)

You will then be instructed to wait for an additional email reply from Canada Post. Once you’ve received this second email, you’ll be provided with a Merchant ID number and your account will be activated. 

Now that you’ve registered for Canada Post, you can integrate it with your Volusion store by following these steps: 

  1. Log into your Admin Area

  2. Go to Settings > Shipping

  3. Click Add Carrier (next to the Live Rates heading)

  4. Select CanadaPost

  5. Enter the Merchant ID that you were provided with when you registered for Canada Post into the Retailer ID field

  6. Click Add Method

  7. Select a shipping method you want to offer your customers

  8. Click Add

  9. Customize the settings as needed and save

  10. Repeat steps 6-9 for all methods you want to offer

Now your store will be registered with Canada Post and will be eligible to receive live shipping rates from their online system. Keep in mind, all shipping through Canada Post is done in kilograms, not pounds. Your store can be changed to use Kilograms as the weigh default by navigating to Settings>Shipping, scrolling to the Advanced Settings and changing the "Measure Shipping Weights In" variable to kilograms from pounds.

If you have questions or need support, contact Canada Post R 1-866-607-6301 or Volusion Support through or 1-800-646-3517.


Open up your customer base to a whole new country with Canada Post and benefit from discounts and small business tools.

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