When you enable your online shipping methods, shipping rates displayed to customers are segmented by their carrier types. With these default settings, customers can select their carrier category and then select the shipping method from their carrier of choice.

Displaying All Shipping Rates at Once

If you want to display a comprehensive list of carrier rates and options to customers in a single drop-down menu, you can configure your store to offer all active rates to customers in a single menu during the checkout process.


This article is applicable if you are providing shipping options across multiple carriers. It doesn't apply if you are using custom or "flat" shipping rates and methods, unless these custom rates and methods are configured to use the various shipping carriers' branding on your storefront.

Modifying the Shipping Table

To display a comprehensive list of all possible shipping rates in a single menu during the checkout process, regardless of carrier types, you'll need to edit their shipping rate settings within the Administration Page.

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Settings > Shipping.

  2. Under the Advanced Settings tab, click View All Shipping Methods

  3. Hover over the Shipping Method Name column header and click the Edit icon.

  4. Now that the method name column is editable, look for any active methods that you offer on your store and remove the carrier name (FedEx, USPS, Australia Post). For example, if you want to display both FedEx and DHL rates within the same rate menu during the checkout process, remove the words "FedEx" and "DHL" from each of those carriers' shipping method names.

  5. When finished, click Save. Note that if you your Shipping table view consists of more than one page, you should click Save at the bottom of one page before moving on to the next.

Once this process is complete, any active and eligible shipping rate will display in the main shipping method selection menu when customers proceed through the checkout process - regardless of which carrier the shipping method is provided by.

Customers will be able to see the cost and type of shipping service they will receive ("Next Day Air", "Ground", "2 Day Select" etc.) without the carrier's name displayed.


You can use this process to streamline the order process for customers while still providing a wide variety of shipping options.

Note that this tip will work with shipping rates using both live and back-up rates. Shipping methods will be display on the Orders page of your Admin Area with the carrier name, regardless of how the shipping method displays on the storefront.

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