You’re all excited to register for FedEx online. After all, the need to ship means you’re selling stuff. And then comes the buzzkill — blasted errors!  

You wouldn’t be alone. Other merchants have reported that they’ve received an F1000 or F3000 error when trying to complete the Volusion FedEx Registration from the Add Carrier menu at Settings > Shipping > Live Rates.

The errors are caused by inconsistencies between the FedEx system and our registration form. For example, FedEx requires you to input your state’s two-letter abbreviation (i.e. TX), so spelling out the state’s name (i.e. Texas) will result in an error.

To avoid any mistakes, you’ll want to go straight to the source: FedEx Support. They can provide details specific to your account that will allow you to successfully register.


Errors are no fun, but in this case, there is a simple explanation for them — an incompatible form. Instead of getting “fed” up (har-har), reach out to FedEx support directly and they’ll make sure you can set up your account successfully. 

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