With our nifty Amazon Pay integration, shoppers can checkout with their Amazon info right on your site, saving them time and hassle!

Getting Started 💪

Before you can integrate with Amazon Pay, there are a few steps you need to take!

1. Create an Amazon Pay account for your store

To configure a new or existing Amazon Pay account for use with your Volusion store, simply follow the instructions in Amazon's help article.

2. Get up to speed on Volusion store requirements

  • You must have an active SSL certificate installed on your store in order to keep customer data safe.

  • The default currency for your Volusion store must be set to USD,

  • The Gateway Country value at Settings > Payment must be set to United States.

  • Your checkout page must always use the secure "https" URL. To make sure that this setting is enabled, head over to Settings > Config Variables in your Admin Area and click Search. In the Name field, enter the term "secure cart" and click Search at the bottom of the page. If the Force Secure Cart/Checkout check box isn't already selected, select it and click Save.

Looking good? Great! Let's move on to integrating your store.

Volusion Integration

To integrate your Volusion store with Amazon Pay, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Settings > Payment.

  2. Click More Payment Types.

  3. Select Amazon Pay.

  4. In the three fields that display, enter the relevant credentials from your Amazon seller account.* You can view this information by logging in to Seller Central and visiting Integration > MWS Access Key.

  5. Click Save.

Below the info fields, you can click Alternative Settings to open the Amazon Pay Capture Settings window to control how how your Amazon seller account authorizes and captures payments.

By default, the Authorize and Capture at Sale setting is enabled. If you need to review transactions first, just change this selection to Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping and save.

How Amazon Pay Works 🔍

The Amazon Pay checkout process is quick and easy for your customers:

  1. If the customer has an Amazon account, they can simply click the Amazon Pay button that displays below Proceed to Checkout

2. The customer logs in to Amazon by entering credentials in the pop-up window that displays.  After logging in, the customer will be redirected to your store's checkout page.

3. The Billing Information fields do not display for Amazon Pay orders, since Amazon already has this info. Instead, the customer will see a "Billing information managed by Amazon" message. 

4. Under Shipping Information, the customer can select an existing Amazon address or add a new one.

5. Next, the customer can select their shipping method.

6. Under Payments, the customer uses Amazon's Payment Method widget to select a stored payment method.

7. The customer clicks Place Order as usual, and the Order Finished page displays. Voila!

Processing Amazon Pay Orders 📦

Orders placed using Amazon Pay will appear in your Admin Area at Orders > Process Orders along with all your other orders.

You'll notice a few differences on the order details page when processing an Amazon Pay order:

  • The customer's billing address is stored in Amazon, and does not display next to the shipping address.

  • The Payment Log shows each transaction as "Paid Via - Amazon Pay", and each event has an associated transaction ID. If you use the Authorize and Capture at Sale setting with Amazon Pay, the initial payment type will be DEBIT. Otherwise, you'll see an AUTHORIZE payment type for which you can click Capture.

  • Click Complete Order to send a customer the notification email that lets them know their order is on the way!

Issuing Refunds

You can issue full refunds from the order details page in your Admin Area by clicking Refund in the Payment Log. After you refund an order, you'll see an additional Payment Log event with REFUND as the payment type.

Unsupported Features

There are a few limitations to keep in mind when offering Amazon Pay. Below are some features that it does not support:

  • Fraud score

  • Recurring billing

  • Purchase orders

  • Automatically sending Purchase Orders for Auto-dropshipped orders

  • Amazon gift cards

  • UK shipping

  • Mobile checkout


Amazon Pay is a great way to offer customers more ease and versatility when checking out on your store. To learn more about Amazon Pay or to sign up for an account, head on over to Amazon!

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