Sage Pay (also known as Opayo) is a European payment processor that provides Authorization, Capture, Credit, Debit, and Void functions for online stores. It enables 3D Secure Authentication — a fraud prevention initiative for shoppers. It also reduces your risk for chargebacks because the credit card provider takes responsibility for authenticating transactions.

Note: Debit capability is only supported if 3D Secure is not enabled. If you enable 3D Secure for your Sage Pay account, you must use the Automatic Authorize, Manual Capture setting, which makes the Debit function unavailable. 

When using 3D Secure, you may not Void a Capture event; you can only use the Credit function to return captured funds.

First Things First...

If you have a Sage Pay account, go to the Sage Pay website and click Log In.

If you haven't registered for a Sage Pay account yet, follow these steps to sign up:

  1. Go to the Sage Pay website and click Apply.

  2. Submit your required information.

  3. You'll then receive an email from Sage Pay with your temporary account password.

  4. Return to the the Sage Pay site, click Log In and enter your email address and password.

Configuring Sage Pay

Transaction Types

Once you log into Sage Pay, follow the configuration instructions on their site. In order to perform specific actions within your Volusion store, you will need to enable various transaction types within your Sage Pay account:

Sage Pay: DEFER



Volusion: CAPTURE

Sage Pay: ABORT

Volusion: VOID

Sage Pay: REFUND

Volusion: CREDIT

Valid IPs & Checkout Options

If you signed up for Sage Pay through our Payment Processing Partners page, certain fields may be pre-formatted. If not, you may need to supply the following information:

  • Valid IPs: The Subnet mask is

  • For checkout option, choose to keep customers on one-page checkout — direct integration.

Integrating Sage Pay With Volusion

It may take up to 48 hours for your Sage Pay store account to be set up. Once your account is active, Sage Pay will email you with your Sage Pay Vendor ID. With your Vendor ID, follow these steps to integrate Sage Pay with your store:

  1. In your Volusion Admin Area, go to Settings > Payment.

  2. Under Payment Gateway, select United Kingdom as your Gateway Country.

  3. From the Gateway Name drop-down, select Sage Pay VPS Direct.

  4. Enter your Sage Pay Vendor ID.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Below the I am testing my account check box, click Alternative Settings.

  7. Confirm that your payment capture settings are set to Automatic Authorize, Manual Capture if you're using Sage Pay with 3D Secure, or Automatic Authorize and Capture if you're using Sage Pay without 3D Secure.

  8. Click Save.

Activating 3D Secure in Sage Pay

Once you’ve integrated Sage Pay with your Volusion store, you can activate 3D Secure for maximum fraud protection:

  1. Log in to the MySagePay administrative area.

  2. Click Administration > Account Parameters.

  3. On the Account Administration page, click 3D Secure Fraud Checking Options.

If you are using 3D Secure, by default, any credit card other than a Visa or Mastercard will be automatically declined. To accept all credit cards, go to Settings > Config Variables and enable Authorize for Unverified 3D Secure Enrollment. Keep in mind that with this option enabled you assume liability for any fraudulent charges made with unverified cards.

Testing Your Connection

When you initially sign up for your Sage Pay account, Sage Pay may require you to set your account and your Volusion store to Test Mode. This allows them to verify your account settings before enabling you to collect payments for actual orders.

Select the I am Testing My Account option and click Save to place your store into Sage Pay's test mode. Once Sage Pay has verified your account is configured properly, you can deselect this option and click Save again to take your store out of test mode.

Configuring Currency Settings

You'll need to configure your Volusion store's default currency as British Pounds before taking any orders.

You also need to configure one of your store's checkout variables to use British Pounds. Here’s how:

  1. Head to your Admin Area and go to Settings > Config Variables.

  2. Choose Checkout Variables from the Filter menu.

  3. Enter "GBP" into the Payment Gateway Currency Code field.

  4. Click Save.

Your Sage Pay account should now be active, integrated and ready to process payments.

⚠️ Understand your customer's checkout process

Visa and Mastercard card holders will need to complete an extra step during your checkout process. After entering their credit card details, customers will be prompted to enter a password from their card provider. For more info, check out 3D Secure Explained.

3D Secure Authentication is not compatible with the following:

  • Phone orders

  • POS

  • Recurring billing

  • Mobile checkout

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