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All Volusion merchants can set sales tax rates manually in a few quick steps. To add or modify your tax rules, go to Settings > Tax in your Admin Area. Click Settings at the top of the page, and make sure the Are You Based in the United States selection is set correctly. If you’re not in the US, you can enable various types of international taxes.

If you are in the U.S., make sure the Manually manage tax rates value is selected, unless you’d you’re your store to calculate taxes automatically. When you’re finished, click Save. You’ll see one default tax setting already listed. Click Edit on the left to change it, or Add to create a new one. The Region Country list includes all the countries you’ve configured at Settings > Shipping. In the Tax State Short field, enter the state’s abbreviation. In the Tax State Long field, enter the state's full name. If the tax rate applies to an entire US state, simply enter the percentage at the bottom and save.

Now, on the storefront, the shipping cost estimator shows the appropriate tax for the state you set up.

If you’d like to apply a tax to a specific zip code within that state, simply create a new tax for the state and specify the zip code in the Region Postal Code field. Then enter the new tax rate at the bottom and save. Now, when a shopper enters the corresponding zip code, the higher rate displays.

For further instructions on settings up GST or VAT, go to our support site and see our dedicated articles on these topics. If you're a U.S. merchant who would like to use automated tax rate calculation, see our video called, How to Set Up Automatic Sales Tax Calculation.

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