If you don’t have the ability to help shoppers buy with confidence online, you’ve got nothing. That’s why companies like Realex exist. This London-based payment processor integrates seamlessly with Volusion stores, so UK merchants can offer their customers the secure online shopping experience they’ve come to expect. 🇬🇧

Below, we’ll break down what you get if you choose to do business with Realex. 

3-D Secure Authentication

Realex Payments enables 3-D Secure Authentication - a fraud prevention initiative providing a more secure authentication method for shoppers. If you register and integrate 3-D Secure, and the shopper uses Visa or MasterCard, the credit card provider takes responsibility for authenticating transactions, thus taking liability and reducing the risk of chargebacks.

If you have 3-D Secure Authentication enabled, you can still accept credit cards other than Visa and MasterCard.

Note: Please be advised that 3-D Secure Authentication cannot be used with phone orders, the Mobile Commerce feature, or the Point of Sale feature.

Getting Started

To use Realex Payment gateway services with your online store, you'll need to log in to your Realex Payments account or sign up for a new merchant account online on our website.

Registering for a Realex Payments Account

If you are signing up for a new Realex Payments account, enter the required information to create an application for an account with Realex Payments.

Once Realex receives your application, they will contact you by phone to set up your account. If necessary, Realex can also help you get a merchant services agreement. They will send any documents to you by email; you will need to return these to complete your account setup.

After you return the necessary documents to Realex Payments, their Integration and Support team will contact you by phone to give you your Merchant ID, Shared Secret, and Refund Key.

Realex payments will also send you an email with your account login details. You'll need these details to log in to the Realex Reporting tool. Note that this information does not need to be given to Volusion.

Integrating Realex Payments with Volusion

Now that your Realex Payments account is set up, you can integrate it with your store as follows:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Settings > Payment.
  2. On the Payment Gateways tab, select United Kingdom as your Gateway Country.
  3. From the Gateway Name menu, select Realex Payments (REALEX).
  4. Enter the Merchant ID, Secret Key, and Refund Key supplied by Realex and click Save.

Note on Payment Capture Settings

The 3-D Secure details will not be functional on your store's checkout page if you have your store's Payment Capture Settings configured to Manual Authorize & Capture.

Note on 3-D Secure Authorization Settings

By default, any credit card for which 3-D Secure enrollment cannot be verified will be automatically declined. To accept liability for any fraudulent charges made with unverified cards and authorize cards when 3-D Secure enrollment cannot be verified, go to Settings > Config Variables and enable the Authorize for Unverified 3D Secure Enrollment variable.

Note on Recurring Billing and Realex

Realex requires all transactions to have a unique order ID value each time a charge is submitted, and therefore, is not compatible with recurring \billing features.

Configuring Currency Settings

Once you've completed the above steps, your Realex Payments account will be integrated with your store. Before you start selling, be sure to configure your store's default currency as British Pounds.

  1. Go to Settings > Currency.
  2. If British Pounds is already displayed, click Edit and make sure it is set as Default.
  3. Otherwise, click Add.
  4. Enter "British Pounds" as the Currency Name and select the Currency Symbol.
  5. Enter the current Exchange Rate, select Default, and click Save.

Additionally, you need to configure your store's Payment Gateway Currency Code, as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables.
  2. Choose the Checkout Variables from the Filter menu.
  3. Enter "GBP" into the Payment Gateway Currency Code field.
  4. Click Save when finished.

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