A payment gateway serves the same role in an online credit card transaction that a swipe terminal serves in a retail transaction. It lets you authorize payments and store them for submission to your payment processor.

To see a list of gateways Volusion has integrated with, go to, click Credit Card Processing under the Services tab, then click the Supported Gateways Page link.

Select your region from the row to see a list of supported gateways for your country. The capabilities of each gateway are denoted by check marks in the corresponding columns.

Sale means you can authorize and capture transactions in a single step.

Authorize means you can approve the transaction through the customer’s bank without having to capture the funds.

Capture means you can claim authorized funds for automated deposit into your checking account. These arrangements are made separately through your payment processing service.

Credit means you can reverse captured transactions.

Void means you can cancel an authorization, or a capture that hasn’t yet been submitted to the payment processor for settlement.

Features that aren’t listed in the gateway table can only be performed directly from the gateway’s online user interface, and not from your Volusion admin area.

Volusion’s payment processing service, complete with an gateway account, offers the full range of transaction commands. When you choose, you’ll be able to manage all of your processing needs directly through Volusion. Plus, Volusion offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

You can find extensive details at by clicking Services > Credit Card Processing.

If you’ve already picked out an acquiring bank, make sure it’s compatible with at least one of the gateways listed on our website.

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