No matter what type of online business you run, customers always appreciate a personal touch. 😀  How you communicate with them is a reflection of your brand’s values and its voice. For that reason, Volusion makes your email communications customizable — including the OrderHasShipped.asp email template!

Editing the text of this email allows you to share your voice, your gratitude for their business and the order’s tracking info. Plus, it’s always fun when you get to be the bearer of exciting news: Their order is on its way! 🚚   

Editing the OrderHasShipped.asp Email Template

  1. Go to Design > File Editor.
  2. In the right side Shortcuts menu, click /v/vspfiles/email_templates.
  3. Select OrderHasShipped.asp in the top drop-down menu ⚠️ Good to know: You may also want to make edits to the OrderHasShipped_Partial.asp email template, to ensure your emails match.
  4. Edit the HTML code in the File Editor window to fit your business' needs
  5. Click Save when finished.

Changing the Subject Line 

To edit the subject line for OrderHasShipped.asp:

  1. Go to Design > Page Text.
  2. From the Category menu, select PlaceOrder_Generic and locate Page Text ID #682. The default value is "Your order has shipped..."
  3. Modify the text as desired, then click Save at the top of the page. 

Adding Tracking Links

Not all shipping carriers support the automated tracking links that are built into the Volusion OrderHasShipped.asp email templates. To make sure your customers can access their tracking information without the automated link, you may want to include the tracking code and links to relevant shipping carriers.

To add shipping carrier links beneath the tracking number, include the following HTML code under the "$(TrackingNumbers)" email variable in the File Editor: 

USPS: <a href=""></a>

UPS: <a href=""></a>

DHL: <a href=""></a>

FedEx: <a href=""></a>

Now customers will see something resembling this in your email:

Carrier Tracking Number

Feel free to remove any of the links for carriers that you don’t use!


With Volusion, emails are not one size fits all. You may need to account for details that are relevant to each order. Plus, when you share a little bit of your brand’s personality in your emails, you’ll build a relationship with your customers that will make them look forward to that package delivery 📦  even more, and keep them coming back! 

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