AdRoll's advanced retargeting advertising allows them to serve your store ads to customers who view your site without purchasing products. By logging a list of your store visitors, AdRoll is able to display your ads to those potential customers as they visit other sites while browsing the internet. This means that your advertising dollars can work to bring back customers who are already interested in your store! 💰 💰 💰

Create an AdRoll Account

AdRoll offers a two-week free trial to all merchants who are interested in seeing how AdRoll works, and what specialized retargeting can do for their conversion rates. Head on over to to get started!

Installing the AdRoll SmartPixel

Once you have created your AdRoll free trial account, you'll be redirected to a page where you can go through the easy steps required to set up your first campaign. Since the campaign setup process requires that you have at least one ad prepared to upload, it will be easiest to install your AdRoll SmartPixel code on your store first!

Copying SmartPixel Code From AdRoll

  1. Click Account Settings in the top right corner of your AdRoll account page.

  2. You will now see a link in the top navigation menu for your Dashboard, and drop-down menus titled Manage and Support. In the Manage drop-down menu, select Retargeting Pixel.

  3. Copy the Pixel code to your clipboard using the button beside the Email text.

Learn more about AdRoll's SmartPixel.

Placing the SmartPixel Code in Your Theme

  1. Go to Design > File Editor in your Admin Area.

  2. Click template_xx.html in the right side Shortcuts menu (where "xx" is the name or number of your store's active theme).

  3. Scroll to the bottom of your theme file and find the closing body tag: </body>

  4. Paste the pixel code from your clipboard directly before the </body> line in your theme. Click Save.

Setting Up Customer Segments

One of the strengths of the AdRoll platform is that you can segment your visitors to target ads based on which pages of your site were viewed. You're also able to exclude visitors who have already purchased ("converted" customers) from continuing to be served retargeting ads from your campaign.

Category or Product Segments

  1. In your AdRoll account, go to Manage > Segments & Conversions.

  2. Click Add New Segment at the bottom right corner of the Segments section of the page.

  3. Leave the Audience radio button selected under Type.

  4. Fill in a Name for the segment.

  5. Type in the first portion of the URL for the category or product page which, when visited, will cause the AdRoll system to put the visitor into this new segment group.*

  6. Fill in the Duration with the number of days that you would like visitors to be considered part of the segment.

  7. Click Save Changes to save your new segment.

*This URL can vary depending on whether or not you have Enable SEO Friendly URIs or Use Hyphens (-) instead of Underscores (_) checked at Marketing > SEO.

Potential URLs that you could use in AdRoll for categories/products on your store include:

  • /product_p/ProductCode*

  • /category-s/CategoryID*

  • / ProductNameShort-p*

  • / LinkTitleTag_s*

Note that a " * " in AdRoll is a wild card value that will ensure that the segment is logged based on the first part of the URL, regardless of the rest of the URL!

Converted User Segment

  1. In your AdRoll account, go to Manage > Segments & Conversions.

  2. Click Add New Segment at the bottom right corner of the Segments section of the page.

  3. Select the Conversion radio button under the Type menu.

  4. Fill in the Name for the segment. (ex.: "Converted")

  5. Fill in the URL field with " /OrderFinished.asp* " (with no quotation marks).

  6. Set the Duration for how many days you would like to exclude your converted customers from your AdRoll campaign(s).

  7. If you would like to use AdRoll's advanced reports to track ROI, then enter your estimated Conversion Value.

  8. Click Save Changes to save your new segment.

Now your converted user segment is fully set up! When you begin to set up a new ad campaign, you'll be able to select to Filter Out this Audience Segment. On the same page where you select to exclude this converted user segment for your campaign, you can also Target specific segments of users who visited certain product or category pages!

Setting Up Your Campaigns

When setting up your campaigns, you will first upload ads (either static or animated) with the correct dimensions and formatting. There are some content restrictions that also apply, so be sure to check AdRoll's Ad Format Guidelines to ensure that your site or campaign is not rejected.

Note that both AdRoll and its partner ad networks all must review and approve your ads before your campaign can kick off. This process generally takes 2-4 business days. For additional questions about ad review and processing time, please reach out to AdRoll support!


AdRoll's platform is perfect for small and medium businesses who are trying to increase their conversions. In addition to bringing back lost customers using highly innovative retargeting, AdRoll also offers services to such as site-targeted display campaigns and behavioral targeting.

Sign up for a free trial today to see how your store and AdRoll can work together make online marketing easy and effective!

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