Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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The questions and answers on the default help page are intentionally generic, so you may need to edit, add, or eliminate questions, answers, and question/answer categories. To modify the categories, go to Design > Site Content in your Admin Area and select Help from the Article Group dropdown.

Click any category and modify the name freely, or create a new one by clicking Add and No Thanks. The Category Order corresponds to the vertical position on the page. The lower the number, the higher the position. To finish, choose Help from the Category Type menu and save.

To add questions and answers to the category you just created, return to the help section and click a question. Again, you can modify these freely if you want. You’ll find the question text in the Article Title and the answer text in the Article Body. To create your own question and answer, click Add and No Thanks. Be sure to choose the appropriate heading from the Category ID menu.

To eliminate a question or category, select it from the list and click Delete.

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