If so, there is an article configured in the Site Content section of your Admin Area that you can use to create this kind of form. The instructions below will show you how to configure this special article to display a basic contact form on your storefront.

Accessing the Form Article

Note that the contact form consists of editable HTML code. As with any code that is exposed in the Admin Area, only experienced HTML users should attempt to customize this content.

  1. In your Admin Area, go to  Design > Site Content.

  2. Click Search.

  3. In the ID field, type "83".

  4. Click the blue Search button in the top right.

  5. Click the article ID to view its contents.

  6. Click Add.

  7. When you're prompted with, "Would you like to pre-fill fields based on 83?", select Sure. This will create a new article with the same contents as article 83.

  8. The Article Body contents are set to an HTML code view. You can update the form's fields by modifying the sample field names and corresponding input values in quotation marks (see example below).

  9. Change the Article Title to whatever text you'd like to appear at the top of your contact form page.

  10. When you're finished, click Save.

  11. After creating the article, you can click View Live to view your new contact form.

  12. Finally, you can copy the URL of your new contact form from your web browser's address bar and link it within a category or other page within your store. Keep in mind, if you are using the pre-built "Contact Us" link in the header or footer of your Theme, this link's URL will also need to be changed to the URL of your new contact form.

Customizing the Form

Below you will find a series of diagrams intended to help you customize your contact form. They demonstrate how the code for the form corresponds to:

  • aspects of the storefront display of the form (items in red)

  • the labeling of shopper input values in the emails you receive from form submissions (items in blue)

  • the form submission confirmation message (in orange)

  • the email address at which you receive form submissions (also in orange)

Additionally, you will see how values that shoppers enter on the storefront form (items in green) appear in emails you receive.

Linking to the Contact Form

Once you have the URL for your contact form, you can enter the URL into the Alternate URL field within a category (you can find this setting in the Advanced Info section of the category's settings page). This process is outlined HERE.

This will configure that category to redirect visitors to your email article when they visit the category in question.

Note on Email Form Fields

When creating your contact form, the following three fields are required:

  • email_From

  • email_To

  • email_Subject

These fields would normally either be hidden fields or drop-down fields that the user selects from. The same form provided in article 83 has these fields as hidden fields.

Other Notes

The contact form article automatically displays an Image Verification or "Captcha" image to any visitor using the form. This is to ensure that spammers cannot abuse the form. Note that the sample form in Article 83 already has the code for the Image Verification function embedded in it.

Finally, the Volusion store will only allow each customer to generate a maximum of five emails per 24-hour period. This limitation is based on the IP address of each visitor to prevent spam.

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