Ever open up your closet and, after some digging, you discover that great shirt you forgot you had? 👕  Sometimes your store can be the same way. Perfectly awesome products may be hidden deep within your inventory just waiting to be noticed. 

One way to give your products the attention they deserve is through your all-products list page. 📜 Many Volusion store themes come equipped with this page, which is accessed by clicking the main homepage image on your storefront. When a shopper clicks this image, they’ll be taken to a page that shows all products currently configured in your store.

All-Products Page Overview

The all-products landing page will display six products at a time in alphabetical order. Shoppers can choose to display more products per page by using the drop-down menu above the product grid.

Along with the product image, shoppers will see the product name and any pricing information you've configured.

Linking to a Different Page

If you’d like to link to a different page from your main homepage image – for example, if you’ve created a special category for sale items – you simply need to change the link destination in your Admin Area, as follows:

  1. Go to Design > Site Content.

  2. Scroll down and click article ID # 2.

  3. In the Article Body field, replace "/productslist.asp" with the name of the page you’d like to link to.

When you’re finished, click Save.

If you’d like to remove the link altogether and make your homepage image non-clickable, find Article 2 (as directed above) and remove the link from the code in the Article Body field.

Products Excluded From the All-Products List Page

The following product types and configurations will not be displayed on the all-products landing page:

  • Products marked as Hidden

  • Products marked as Members Only (unless the customer is logged in)

  • Products marked as Private (unless the customer is logged in)

  • Products marked with a Display End Date that has already expired


Some shoppers don’t realize they’re in the market for something until they see it. All shoppers can’t buy products that they can’t readily find. 🔎 By giving your customers access to an all-products page, you’ll keep your products top of mind, prevent them from gathering dust on your digital shelves and help them find a happy home. 

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