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The invention of mobile devices, with their various screen sizes and shapes and navigational features, has been a game-changing development for ecommerce. It's made responsive design one of the most important features for modern websites to have.

If you're not familiar with the concept of responsive design, it's just a way to use a single code base to render a website appropriately regardless of the device each visitor uses. The code detects the device and displays the site based on that device's capabilities and limitations.

With so much traffic coming from mobile these days, it's important to make sure mobile shoppers have the best possible experience on the small screen. This leads to higher conversion and more sales.

Additionally, responsive design makes site maintenance and optimization easier, ensures compatibility with future devices, and helps your site rank higher in search engines.

To install a template that uses responsive design, log in to your Admin Area, go to Design > Template, scroll down to the Template Gallery, and select the Responsive filter.

You can install these templates just like normal templates.

Note that when you're using a responsive template, it overrides our Mobile Commerce feature and removes the option from the Design menu. If you're using a non-responsive template, you can use our Mobile Commerce feature to set up a special mobile-friendly version of your site. For more information, see our video called "How to Optimize Your Store for Mobile Devices."

Now that we have a responsive template on our store, notice how the design adjusts to the size of the browser window. This ensures that every shopper, regardless of device, gets the best possible shopping experience, and you get the best chance to cash in. For additional details, visit our knowledge base and search for "Responsive Templates."

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