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Every Volusion store comes with a free template pre-installed. Although no extra design work is required in order to have an operational store, most merchants prefer to customize the store's look to make it stand out from the competition.

The software comes with a number of free template style and color options that work dynamically with the software. For those with knowledge of HTML and CSS, these templates can be customized. For those who don't know programming languages, Volusion's design team has created a number of custom templates available for additional purchase.

If you choose to buy one, we'll install it for you. Although not as flexible as the free templates, these templates provide a more professional look.

If none of the free or paid templates suit your needs, our design team also offers custom work from scratch using your input. They can also design many other site elements for you, such as the homepage, category graphics, buttons, page headings, informational pages, landing pages, logos, and more.

Ultimately, the template option you choose is a matter of your preferences, your skills, and your budget. Regardless of your circumstances, Volusion has an option for you.

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