If you're using the V-Gloss theme or another all-black theme, you may find that there is not enough contrast between the text and background in certain areas (for example, the Soft Cart window and Multi-Child Add To Cart), making it difficult to read clearly.

To fix everything in one blank code placed just before the closing tag of the CSS file, use this blanket code. To fix just the Soft Add to Cart window, use the following code.

Before you make any changes, be sure to archive your theme!

  1. Navigate to Design > File Editor

  2. Under the shortcuts links, choose template XX css (Where "XX" is your theme's ID)

  3. Paste the code below at the bottom of the Template.css file.

  4. Save your changes.

/*soft add to cart - add to template.css*/
color:#000 !important;
color:#000 !important;
color:#000 !important;
color:#000 !important;
/* fix for table text not appearing */
table td b{
color: #ffffff !important;
/* fixes for one-page-checkout at bottom of the page */
/* corrects hard-coded black text Code, Name, Price, */
/* Qty and Total as well as Need to make changes to  */
/* this order beneath My Shopping Cart               */
#span_Shopping_Cart_UnEditable td {color: #ffffff ! important;}
/* Changes hard-coded blue links that are hard to    */
/* read on a black background:                       */
/*    Edit                             */
/*    Apply a coupon                                 */
/*    Apply a Gift Certificate                       */
/*    Sign Out                                       */
#font_checkout_cart a {color: #ffffff ! important;}
/* Optional: add underline on mouseover for the above links */
#font_checkout_cart a:hover {color: #ffffff !  
 important; text-decoration: underline ! important;} 
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