Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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If you click the Storefront link from your Admin Area, Edit links appear when you hover over page elements that provide access to the Easy Editor to edit the content on the page. These areas are examples of articles. Other examples are the content areas of default navigation links like About Us.

This page and many others contain generic content that’s meant to be customized. To do so, click the blue Edit icon, make your desired changes, and Save.

To create your own article, go to Design > Site Content. Here, click View List, then Add.

The only required field is Category ID. Most of the values in this dropdown are default article categories that appear in the list view. The ones that don’t appear are for the special Help page. In most cases, Other Articles is fine for custom articles, but you can choose a different article category or even create your own. We’ll demonstrate Help page functionality and how to create an article category in our video called "How to Edit the Help Page".

The Article Title and Article Caption fields are optional, but you may find them useful. We’ll create a sample article with a caption and title for demonstration purposes. Enter the content you’d like to display in the Article Body field.

You can now see the article in the list. You can also view it on the storefront by clicking View Live Article Page. Notice the Article Title and Article Caption. At this point, your shoppers can only access the article by entering the URL directly into their browsers. To learn how to create an inbound navigational path to it, see our video called "How to Link to a Custom Article".

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