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For your customers who prefer to check out with Amazon, Volusion’s Amazon Payments integration provides a quick and seamless checkout experience.

When customers are ready to pay, they can click Amazon Pay to log in to their Amazon accounts.

On your store’s checkout page, instead of billing address fields, customers will see a note letting them know Amazon is managing their billing address. The shipping address and payment sections are overridden by Amazon's management tools. Customers can select saved values for either one, or enter a new shipping address.

Otherwise the checkout process is the same as with all other payment types.

Before you can connect your store with Amazon Payments, you'll need to meet a few requirements:

  1. First, your website must have an active SSL certificate installed.
  2. The Force Secure Cart/Checkout config variable must be turned on.
  3. Your store’s currency must be set to US Dollar.
  4. Finally, create or connect your Amazon seller account by completing the steps outlined in Amazon’s help article for Volusion merchants. You must complete the required tax interview before you can accept Amazon Payments transactions.

For more information on these requirements, check out our knowledge base article.

To set up the integration on your store, log in to your Admin Area and go to Settings > Payment > More Payment Types. Select the Amazon Payments check box, fill out each field with the appropriate data, and save.

When you receive an Amazon Payments order, the billing address information will be suppressed, but the fulfillment process is identical to orders placed with other payment methods.

You're now fully ready to process orders paid for through Amazon.

For more information, including restrictions and additional considerations, see our knowledge base article.

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