When it comes to marketing your business, e-newsletters are an efficient (and affordable) way to stay top-of-mind with your customers. With our built-in email subscription functionality, we make it easy to drop by their inbox regularly to say hello and let them know about new products, promotions, events and anything else they might be interested in.

Editing Your Newsletter Opt-In

When new customers check out on your site, they'll be asked if they want to opt in to a newsletter subscription from your store. By default, an option saying "I wish to receive occasional newsletter emails from..." followed by the name of your store will be selected for customers based in the United States.

If a customer leaves this option selected, their account will be flagged as an email subscriber, and they’ll automatically receive e-newsletters you create and send from your Volusion store. You can also view the Email Subscriber setting from your Admin Area by going to Customers > Accounts and clicking on the customer's ID number.

If you want to change the text of the opt-in checkbox so that it sounds more like your unique brand voice, go for it! Here's how:

From your store's Admin Dashboard, choose Design > Page Text.

From the Category drop-down menu, select Checkout.

Scroll down to find ID# 694 and edit the text as you like.

When you're finished, click the Save button at the top right of the page.

This website text article is specifically designed to control the behavior of the email newsletter opt-in message. 

⚠️ Good to Know: The spot-key for this article reads Email_Subscriber_Preferences because it assigns a specific behavior to the article. Please don’t modify the article outside of the instructions we tell you in this article. Thanks!

Removing the Newsletter Opt-in

If you want to use a third-party solution for managing newsletters, or if you don't want to use newsletters at all, you can remove the checkbox from your registration page by deleting all text from the field described above and saving your changes.

If you view the registration page from your Admin Area, the checkbox still displays; but rest assured that it won’t display to shoppers on the storefront.

Setting the Newsletter Opt-in to Unchecked by Default

As we mentioned before, the newsletter option is enabled by default for newly registering US customers.

How do we do know who’s who? A script on the checkout page scans for each visitor's browser language setting, and recognizes a U.S. shopper when the "en-US" language code is detected.

However, if for some reason you want this checkbox to be de-selected for all shoppers by default, you can do so by adding some basic Java Script to the newsletter article body.

You'll need to edit Page Text 694, as described above, and add the following Java Script code to the PageText field after the existing text:

<script type="text/javascript"> 
var newscheck;
if(newscheck.length==1) { newscheck[0].checked=false; }

(Alternatively, this script can be pasted into Article # 111. To locate this article, select Articles from the Article Group menu and scroll down to article ID # 111.)

The script above will simply redefine the checkbox and its associated variable to be “false” when rendered, so that customers have to manually select the option during registration if they want to receive your newsletter. 


Sending regular newsletters is a great relationship builder for you and your customers. And with our default newsletter opt-in, you don’t have to do a thing to assemble your subscriber list! Simply send out a great email at a pace that works for you (we can help with that, too!), and watch how it brings customers back to your store. 

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