What's Up with /default.asp?

When visiting your site's homepage, you'll notice "/default.asp" at the end of the URL. You'll also be redirected to this URL when entering your store's primary domain name in your browser's URL bar. 

The /default.asp suffix is necessary for displaying your various homepage elements correctly. Using canonical tags (enabled by default) prevents SEO value from being divided between www.yourvolusionstore.com and www.yourvolusionstore.com/default.asp, which means that both pages get more SEO juice!

You can technically use JavaScript to remove the /default.asp, but this could mess with your SEO, so we highly advise against it.

To ensure that your /default.asp URL is getting the best SEO value, it's a good idea to verify that your store is using canonical tags. You can do this by heading over to Marketing > SEO and locating the Search Engine Friendly URLs section. 

Confirm that the Enable Canonical Links (recommended) check box is selected, and you're good to go!


Hopefully this cleared up any questions you may have about that mysterious "/default.asp" showing up in your browser. If you have any further questions, click the bubble in the bottom right of this page to start a conversation.

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