Did you know that your Volusion store comes equipped with a pre-generated XML sitemap? 🗺️  It’s true! 

This sitemap contains the basic structure of your site rendered in XML, and it was specifically designed to be used by search engines’ verification services. When you submit it to search engines, they can verify your site’s content and serve it up in relevant search result pages (SERPs). 

What’s more is that you can configure the text in the Robots.txt file to make your site even more visible to the likes of Google, when it’s browsing and indexing away. It’s super simple. We’ll tell you how.

First, Where’s My Sitemap?

Your store’s sitemap can be found at "http://www.yourvolusiondomain.com/sitemap.xml" (but be sure to use your actual store’s domain name in place of “yourvolusiondomain!” 😉)

Second, What’s Robots.txt?

The robots.txt file is a part of the Robots Exclusion Standard, a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.

This basic text file can be easily configured to make your store's sitemap more visible to search engines that comply with Google's Sitemap Protocol. If you’d like, you can read all about it at the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Third, How Do I Edit The Robots.txt File?

  1. Go to Marketing > SEO
  2. Under the Robot Preferences tab, click Edit Robots.txt File
  3. Enter the following at the end of the file content: "sitemap:http://www.yourvolusiondomain.com/sitemap.xml" (substitute your domain name for www.yourvolusiondomain.com)
  4. Click Save

That’s it! Now the built-in XML sitemap for your store will be visible to any search engine following Google's Sitemap Protocol.

For more on using your store's XML sitemap, see our article on How to Create a Sitemap.


Volusion does everything we can to help your site get noticed — by actual shoppers and the bots that serve up your site to them in SERPs. A pre-generated XML sitemap with an easy-to-edit robots.txt file is just one of the ways we help you gain more visibility. We could say, “you’re welcome,” but the pleasure is all ours. Truly, we love it when you win. 🏆

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