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With Quantity Discounts, customers can get special pricing when they purchase a minimum number of a product – for example, 10% off when they buy 2 or more.

To create a quantity discount, go to Marketing > Coupons / Discounts in your Admin Area and click Add. We'll call this one "Quantity Discount", then select Percent off a PRODUCT as the Discount Type. Then we’ll specify a discount value of "10" percent. Next we’ll click Select Products and choose the products this discount will apply to.

Since we're setting up a quantity discount, we only want the price reduction to apply if the customer buys more than one, so under Advanced Info, we'll check the box that says Define Quantity Requirements and we’ll enter "2" in the Minimum Quantity field.

So now, when we add one of the applicable items to the cart, it first shows the regular price, but if we change the quantity to 2 and click recalculate, the discount is applied.

You can also create a discount system in tiers to give greater discounts when customers buy larger quantities. To do that, go back to the discount edit page and define an upper limit for this discount level in the Maximum Quantity field – so we’ll use "9" for this example.

Go ahead and click Save, then click Add, and select Sure to pre-fill the fields. Now change the Minimum and Maximum quantities and increase the Discount Value. When you’re finished, save your changes and set up your next discount tier.

We'll give a 20 percent discount to customers who buy 10 or more. For this discount tier, enter "10" in the Minimum Quantity and leave the Maximum Quantity empty. Now notice that each time we create a new discount, we don’t change the Discount Name. That’s how the software knows to apply a tiered quantity discount. Now click Save and view the discounts we just created.

Next, go to Settings > Config Variables, and click Search. Type "discount" in the name field, and click search again. Make sure the Display Discount Button variable is enabled.

So if we go to the storefront, we can now see the quantity discount tiers in action. Customers can click on the Discount button to view their discount options.

In our example, customers were required to buy 2 or more of the same product to be eligible for the discount, but you can also set it up to apply over a range of products. This way, a customer could buy one of each eligible product and still receive the 2-or-more discount.

Now it’s the Span option that allows you to apply Minimum and Maximum Quantities to more than one product collectively. With this option enabled, the discount can be applied to a range of different qualifying products instead of a specific quantity of a single product. So for example, if you set the Minimum Quantity to five, customers can mix and match eligible products to receive the discount; meaning they don’t have to buy five of the same item.

If you’d like to learn more about different types of discounts, visit our knowledge base and search for the word "discount".

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