What customer doesn’t love a good deal?! Delight yours by offering discounts on select products. To set them up, visit the Coupons/Discounts page in your Admin Area, where you can assign products to be discounted by one of two fields: Categories or Products.

Category and Product Field Errors

The most common reason why a coupon/discount gets applied twice is that a product qualifies for the discount with both a category and a product. For example, if a product is assigned to a category code, and you select this category in the Categories field and you have selected the product in the Products field, the discount will be applied twice.

For this reason, Volusion recommends that you use either the Category or Product field per coupon / discount.

Discount Type Field Errors

Another potential reason for a discount being applied more than once is an error in the Discount Type field. Dollar Amount/Percent off a PRODUCT will apply the discount to every item that qualifies for the discount. Dollar amount/Percent off ENTIRE ORDER will only apply the discount once per order, provided that the Span option is selected (note that this discount may apply more than once per order in certain cases otherwise).

If the discount requires more than one product to be purchased to apply, be sure to select Define Quantity Requirements and enter a Minimum Quantity. Also, remember to select the Span (that is, Buy 10 of any product) option if you want the discount to apply to the full range of products from the Products field.


Because there are two fields on the Discounts / Coupons page — Categories and Products — it’s easy for discounts to be applied twice unintentionally. If it happens to you, don’t sweat it. Just make sure to select only the product or category field when setting up a discount or coupon; but not both. 

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