Once you've set up QuickBooks Web Connector in your Admin Area, you’re ready to import store data into QuickBooks. If you haven’t yet configured your Web Connector settings, please watch the first video in this series.

Open QuickBooks on your computer and locate the company file you want to import your store data into. If you don’t already have a company file, go to File > New Company and create one that fits your needs. Make sure the company file is open before continuing.

Open the Web Connector program and click Add an Application. Browse your computer for the QuickBooks Web Connector file you downloaded from your store’s Admin Area, and then click to open it. The Web Connector will prompt you to authorize access to your QuickBooks data. Make sure the correct domain name for your store appears in the Application Information and Web Security Certificate Information sections. If they’re listed correctly, click OK.

Next, the Web Connector will ask for authorization to access your Company File. Select Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open. You must choose this option in order for Web Connector to function correctly.

You should now see an application listed in the Web Connector window with multiple columns of information. Click into the Password field to enter your Volusion admin password. Select the check box in the far left column, then click Update Selected to submit your password and run the Web Connector.

You’ll notice a progress bar at the bottom of the Web Connector. Once this progress bar reaches 100%, it means that the Web Connector has successfully transferred any relevant information from your store to your company file. For example, you can now go back to QuickBooks and select Customers to see all the customer information that transferred from your Volusion store.

The next time you want to run Web Connector, all you need to do is select the check box next to the application you added and click Update Selected. You can do this up to 12 times per 24-hour period, and your QuickBooks company file will update with the newest products, customers, and orders from your store.

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