Endicia’s DAZzle is a software product and service that helps you manage your shipping needs with the United States Postal Service, including order management, processing, purchasing postage and even generating mailing labels!

For more information on DAZzle, including pricing for and information on how to use the software, check out Endicia's website.

(Note that Endicia integration is only available on Business or Prime monthly hosting plans.)

Getting Started 👌

There are some specific requirements that must be met once the connection to the Volusion API from Endicia’s DAZzle has been established.

  • Endicia can only process orders with order status marked as Ready to Ship.

  • Endicia can only process orders given a valid USPS shipping method.

  • Your store must have at least one valid USPS shipping method made active in Settings > Shipping.

  • Active USPS methods must use the default service codes which are pre-programmed into the Shipping table.

  • The default USPS shipping methods are shipping method IDs 201-217; do not delete these methods or modify the service codes.

Exporting the XML File

The initial export for Endicia Dazzle integration through the Volusion API can be generated by doing the following:

  1. Go to Inventory > Volusion API.

  2. Click on the Run button next to Shipping\Endicia.

  3. Click the Run button to generate the Endicia export.

  4. Click Download, or copy the full URL to view the XML export in your browser.

Using The Endicia Export 🚚

Once an export for Endicia is generated, just click on the link to or visit the provided URL to view the XML export in a web browser tab or window. Save this XML export to a file on the PC where DAZzle is installed.

Then, either copy this file to the directory the DAZzle application resides in, or import the file from within DAZzle once the application has been launched!

Note that you must have your Volusion order status set as Ready to Ship in order to successfully export order information to Endicia using the Volusion API.


For further information regarding using Volusion's API to integrate with Endicia and other services, see the Volusion API Developer documentation.

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