If you're on a Business or Prime plan, you can integrate your products with your Shopping.com account using the Volusion API.

Step 1: Enabling the Generic Export

First, you need to activate the generic export function within your store.

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Volusion API.

  2. Click Enable under the Generic heading.

Note that if there are three Run buttons under Generic rather than an Enable button, it means your store already has this function enabled and you may proceed to the next section.

Step 2: Finding the Shopping.com Export URL

With the generic export function enabled within your Volusion store, your next step is to obtain your store's unique, secure export URL for use with Shopping.com. Here's how:

  1. On the API page, point to Get Help in the top right and click Get help with this page.

  2. Within the Support Center window, scroll to the bottom and click on the Volusion API Integration Help  link. This will launch the Volusion API Integration Help page.

  3. Check the Instructions for Export button and select Shopping.com from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click on the Instructions for Import/Export section heading to close this pane.

  5. Click on the URL with Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting  heading to open this pane.

  6. Within the body of this pane you will find a URL containing your online store's domain name. This is the unique, secure export URL you will be required to enter into your Shopping.com site. Highlight this URL and copy. You may want to paste it into a text program like Notepad.

Step 3: Configuring Your Products

The next step is configuring your products to be exported. You will need to assign a Shopping.com Category to the products you want included in your feed.

  1. Go to Inventory > Products and select the required Product Code.

  2. Go to the Advanced Info > 3rd Party Integration tab.

  3. From the Shopping.com drop-down, select the Category (and subcategory if appropriate) for this product.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Repeat for each product you want to export.

Required Fields

You must ensure that every product you want to export has a stock status. The Stock Status field is under the Advanced Info > Stock tab.

Additionally, the Product Condition field must be completed for every product you want to export. The Product Condition field is under Advanced Info > 3rd Party Integrations.


In order for Shopping.com to be able to import data into all of its necessary fields from your store, be sure that your store's products are configured with valid product codes. A valid product code can contain letters, numbers, and some symbols such as underscores and hyphens ("_", "-"). Product codes cannot contain spaces, special characters or punctuation marks.

See "How to Define Your Volusion Store's Product Codes" for more information.

Step 4: Configuring Your Shopping.com Account

Now you need to configure your Shopping.com account settings.

  1. Sign in to your Shopping.com merchant account and select Products.

  2. Click on either the Add or Update Products link or the Submit Datafeed tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Submit Your Datafeed File section, and select Retrieve from my own FTP or HTTP location.

  4. Paste the URL obtained in step 2.1 in the Feed File URL box. Leave the other two fields blank.

  5. Scroll down to the Almost there! Map datafeed column button and click on it.

  6. For each of Your Feed File Columns, click on the corresponding drop-down list and select the appropriate Shopping.com Column.

  7. Click Continue to save changes.

Once you have made these changes to your Shopping.com profile, your store's product information will be exported to your Shopping.com profile during your Shopping.com account's nightly scheduled update.


The main complication usually involves pasting the code generated in step 2.1 into Shopping.com. This URL can be very long and may extend over three lines. It has to be copied exactly into the Shopping.com URL field or the feed will not work. Ensure there are no extra spaces at the start or end of the URL and that no characters have been truncated.

Also keep in mind that products will not be included if any of the following apply:

  1. The product is hidden.

  2. The product is in the private section.

  3. The product is the GFT product.

  4. The product is the SETUP product.

  5. The product is a membership or donation product.

  6. The product is a child product (there is a value in the Parent Product Code field on the product settings page).

  7. The shopping.com category is empty.

If you're still having problems and have verified that the URL is correct and products are not excluded due to the criteria listed above, you'll need to contact Shopping.com at (650)-616-6700 during office hours (9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time) or email them at merchantsupport@shopping.com. Please have your Shopping.com merchant/account number ready.

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