Kole Imports Dropship Program gives you access to information on more than 6000 products quickly and efficiently – and it’s 100% free. To learn more or to register for an account, visit dropship.koleimports.com.

Getting Started

Once you register with Kole Imports, you'll be able to set up a product feed for your store that contains all of the product information. The product feed can then be imported into your Volusion store.

The first thing you need to do is make sure all of the field names in the Kole Imports product feed match the field names recognized by Volusion. To do this, export your Volusion products table to a CSV file (for example, Microsoft Excel):

  1. Go to Inventory > Import/Export in your Admin Area.

  2. Click the Standard Export tab.

  3. Select Products from the Export From menu.

  4. Choose the columns you want to export.

  5. Select CSV from the File Format menu, then click Export.

  6. When the file finishes exporting, click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

The first row of your exported file lists all of the Volusion column headers (field names). You can use these headers to replace the corresponding headers in the product feed file you received from Kole Imports.

For example, the "id" table header in the file you received from Kole Imports should be replaced with the Volusion equivalent, "productcode"; "title" in the Kole Imports file should be replaced with "productname", and so on.

Importing the Kole Imports Product Feed Into Your Volusion Store

Once you've changed all the headers in the Kole Imports product feed to match the Volusion field names, you can import the updated CSV file to your store.

For best results, you should swap table headers and import option categories (color), options (colors), products, and categories separately.

Need more info?

For more information, please see our article on importing and exporting data to and from your Volusion store.

If you have questions about using Kole Imports with your Volusion store, visit dropship.koleimports.com.

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