As a Volusion store owner, you can use Monsoon Stone Edge software (version 5.007 or greater) to help manage the complex logistics of fulfilling online orders and getting products to your customers.

Note that because this feature uses the Volusion API, it is available only on Business or Prime monthly hosting plans.

What can I manage with Monsoon Stone Edge ?

Volusion’s API provides 3 main exports for use in conjunction with Monsoon Stone Edge: Orders, Customers, and Products. These exports are provided as either downloadable files or through URLs provided by Volusion. Please see the "Monsoon Stone Edge Integration Export Table" for a full list and explanation of the values provided in the 3 different Monsoon Stone Edge exports.

Generating Exports for Monsoon Stone Edge

The process for generating the initial export for Monsoon Stone Edge integration through the Volusion API is identical for all 3 export types. To generate an export:

  1. Go to Inventory > Volusion API.

  2. If it is not yet enabled, click on the Enable button for Stone Edge in the Order Management section.

  3. Click Run next to the required Stone Edge export under the Order Management section.

  4. On the following page, click Run to generate the initial Stone Edge Export.

  5. When this is complete, you should then have access to a text field that contains a URL. This is the URL required by Stone Edge to integrate with your store.

  6. Copy the URL and paste it into the appropriate field within Stone Edge to link your store with Monsoon Stone Edge.

Regenerating Exports

As with many of the Volusion API exports, once the export is generated, it cannot be re-generated for any of the elements within each respective database unless the export is reset.

  1. Select the export from the drop-down menu.

  2. Use the IDs drop-down to choose one or all of the IDs contained within the selected export.

  3. After you select your specific settings, click Reset Export.

You’ll only need to reset the exports if you are testing your store's functionality with Monsoon Stone Edge and have not yet "gone live" with the integration. Generally, the Monsoon Stone Edge export will only needed to be created once.

How to Use the Export in Monsoon Stone Edge

To connect your store’s API exports to Monsoon Stone Edge, you’ll need the URL for the export file, as well as some basic authentication information to enable Monsoon Stone Edge to securely connect to and use the export. This can be obtained from the URL your store generates. For example:\downloadorders

Monsoon Stone Edge requires the following information to integrate with your store:

Store Name
Your store's name.

Cart Type
Select Volusion from this menu.

Cart ID/User Name
This is your user name for your store admin account. In the above URL example, this would be the text between Login= and &EncryptedPassword.

Cart Password
This is the password for your store admin account (encrypted for security purposes). This is located between &EncryptedPassword and &EDI.

Script URL
This is the URL of the script that generates the XML export for Monsoon Stone Edge. In the above example, it would be:

The following is an alternate method for obtaining the necessary authentication information required by Monsoon Stone Edge:

  1. Go to Inventory > Volusion API.

  2. On the Volusion API page, point to Get Help in the top right and click Get help with this page.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Volusion API Integration Help link.

  4. A page of information about API integration is now displayed. Here you can obtain the authentication required by Monsoon Stone Edge.

  5. Make sure Export is selected, then select Stone Edge from the drop-down menu.

  6. Choose the appropriate email address for the administrator account that will be used to connect Monsoon Stone Edge with your store.

  7. Click the header marked URL with Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting. This will display both the user name/URL and the encrypted password you will need to allow Monsoon Stone Edge to log in to and gain access to Volusion's API. Copy this data into the appropriate fields in Monsoon Stone Edge.

Once this procedure is complete, Monsoon Stone Edge will have access to information through any of the 3 exports through the API. Monsoon Stone Edge can now import this information as needed. Unless extensive changes are made to your Orders, Products, or Customers tables, this should be a one-time setup process.

Notes on Using Monsoon Stone Edge Integration

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Monsoon Stone Edge with your store.

Products With Options

If you use Order Management in Monsoon Stone Edge and want to understand how it converts SKUs for products ordered with options (not child products) into unique Monsoon Stone Edge SKUs, you should refer to Options, Attributes, and Sub SKUs in the Monsoon Stone Edge knowledge base.

Payment Processing

Processing of electronic payments for orders placed in Volusion can be performed within Monsoon Stone Edge with a few limitations:

  • Volusion only supports capture of authorized payments with Monsoon Stone Edge integration. Other actions such as crediting or voiding transactions are not supported between Volusion and Monsoon Stone Edge.

  • Note that as Monsoon Stone Edge integration is export-only; using Monsoon Stone Edge to collect authorized payments will not update order information within your store. You need to be aware of this if you intend to use Monsoon Stone Edge to process payments from your store.

  • Electronic payment processing between your store and Monsoon Stone Edge will only work provided your merchant gateway is supported by both Volusion and Monsoon Stone Edge. Please refer to Monsoon Stone Edge’s and Volusion’s online documentation for a list of supported gateways.

Furthermore, please note that for order processing purposes, Volusion API integration with Monsoon Stone Edge will export data for any order within your store's Orders table provided the Order Status value for the order is not set to New, Canceled, or Payment Declined.

Please also note that, as with all Volusion API exports, the system will only export up to 100 records at a time. Generating exports for more than 100 records will require the export to be generated multiple times.


Monsoon Stone Edge is a powerful tool for manage the tremendous amount of data that can be collected and stored within your store’s database. It can assist with order processing; customer, order, or product management; and even some credit payment functions.

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