Where do I start?

The QuickBooks IIF Export is located in your Admin Area under Inventory >Import/Export. From there, click the QuickBooks Export tab.

How do I export a single OrderID?

Under Export Orders in the Only Import Order Number field, enter the OrderID for the order that you want to import, then click Export Orders.

How do I export all my customers?

You can Export your Customers database by clicking Export next to Export All Customers.

How do I export all my products?

You can Export all your products by click Export next to Export All Products.

How do I export orders based on date range?

You can enter the earliest start date and latest end date you want to export, or leave blank to export all orders.

By default the start date is set to 1/1/2000 but can be changed on the QuickBooks mapping page by editing QuickBooks Order Date Beg Blank For All. You can also set a default end date by editing QuickBooks Order Date End Blank For All.

Can I specify what to include in my export file?

You have the options to:

  • Only Include Shipped Orders: Will only export the orders that have a Shipped date

  • Include Customer Information: Insert and update customer information for orders within the specified date range.

  • Include Product Information: Insert and update product information for orders within the specified date range.

All are enabled by default.

Can I do a test import to QuickBooks first?

Volusion has provided a Sample Test Company for QuickBooks 2003.QBB for you to test your import file before doing it live. If the sample company is not compatible with your version of QuickBooks, you may create a new sample company in your current program to test your import. The alternative is to back up QuickBooks prior to importing the file.

How do I use the Reset Export Status feature?

The Reset Export Status function is used to prevent duplicate entries into QuickBooks. If you need to re-export the same orders to update QuickBooks, you will need to select Export Data from the drop-down list and click on the Reset Export Status.

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