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Volusion offers several ways to extend the reach of your store through social media networks. You can share content on your Facebook and Twitter pages, or give your shoppers the ability to share your content on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus pages.

To begin sharing content, go to Marketing > Social in your Admin Area and click Sign In. If you're not already signed in to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you'll have to do so before you can proceed. Once you're signed in to Twitter, click Authorize App. Once you're signed in to Facebook, you need to allow Volusion Social to post your messages on your Facebook account. To do so, click Okay in the Facebook login window, then select the appropriate audience for your Facebook posts and click Okay again. In order to let the Volusion Social app post to your Facebook page, click Okay once more and select the account your posts should come from. Click Continue to complete the process.

You can now post to Facebook, Twitter, or both by making the appropriate selections and typing your message. If you're signed in to Twitter, the counter on the right will help you keep track of the 140-character limit. If you see a negative number, you've exceeded the character limit. When your post is ready, click Submit. You'll receive a confirmation message with links to view your posts.

You can also post products or categories directly to your social media pages. When you select a product or a category, you’ll see the full URL in the field at the bottom. When you click Add, a shortened version of the URL displays in the message box to save space. Twitter displays the URL only, but Facebook includes a shared link with the product name, photo, and a preview of your description. If you like, you can include text before or after the URL on either page.

You can also post products and categories directly from your product and category edit pages with the Share button.

To give your shoppers the chance to spread the word, go to Inventory > Products > Settings > All Products Settings. Enable Facebook Like Button adds a "Like" button to your product pages. Enable Facebook Send Button adds a "Share" button. It's similar to the "Like" button, but it lets your shoppers send their friends a link to your product in an inbox message, in a wall post, or in an email. To use this feature, you must also enable the "Like" button. Enable Share Button gives your shoppers the opportunity to share your products on Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest, as well as through email.

For information on creating a special Facebook store, see our video called "How to Set Up Your Volusion Facebook Store".

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