Your customers lead busy lives. If you can make things just a little bit easier for them, you’ll win their affection. Bundling products is a great way to upsell accessories and offer customers the convenience of getting everything they need in one package. Add on a promotional price for the set, and they’ll be sold.

For example, if you sell sportswear for children, you could offer soccer socks for $5, shorts for $12 and shirt for $15. Or you could create a product called Soccer Outfit for $25 and add the three products as free accessories. 

If you sell electronics, you can offer a stereo system bundled with speakers, headphones, adaptors, and all the necessary wiring in one bundle for a lower price than what they would cost if sold separately. The key is to create a “bundle” product in your inventory. Please take a look at our video that walks you through setting up a bundle product.

Configuring a Bundle Product

To configure a bundled product:

From your store's Admin Dashboard, go to Inventory > Products.

Click the Add button at the top right of the page to add a new product.

Enter in a unique Name and Code for the bundle product.

In the Price field, enter the total price of all the bundled products together. It is typical to discount this price in order to make the bundle more attractive to customers.

In the Weight field, enter the total weight of all bundled products together. This will make sure that when weight is used to calculate shipping, the correct amount is charged.

At the top right of the Product Page, click the blue Save button.

Once you've saved the basic information for your bundle product, you can add more details as desired: 

Enter the Description for the entire bundle of products. (For example: "Get 3 products for one low price!" or "20% discount for purchasing as a bundle.")

Under Advanced Info > Misc > Include Free Accessory(s), enter the product codes of each product to be included in the bundle, separated by commas and without spaces.

Configure any other settings for the product (Categories, SEO, etc.) as desired, and click the blue Save button.

Once your bundle product is added to a customer's cart, all free accessory products will be added to the cart simultaneously.

Free accessories will not be charged to the customer, regardless of the price that is configured for the individual products. The system uses the price of the bundle product instead.

Also, the weight values of the products assigned as accessories will not be used to calculate overall shipping charges. The weight of the bundle is used.

Configuring Quantities for Free Accessories

You can assign as many free accessories to the Include Free Accessory(s) field as needed. To specify a quantity of more than 1 for a free accessory, enter the quantity, within parenthesis after the product code. For example, “GI-381(2),TZZ-887,CX-46377(8),AMC-101(2)”.

Hiding or Showing Free Accessories

In the Advanced Settings > Misc area of your new bundle product, you will see a Hide Free Accessories check box. When selected, the free accessories of your bundle product will not display on the product page. They will, however, be displayed in the customer's shopping cart as line-items of the bundle product with a $0.00 cost.

To display free accessories on the product details page, ensure that the Config Variable Display Free Accessories Text is enabled.

From your store's Admin Dashboard page, go to Inventory > Products.

Click the three dot actions menu icon and select All Products Settings.

Select Display Free Accessories Text and click the Save button.

If you have the Free Accessories set to show on the product details page, text will display as follows:

The following items are included FREE with this product:

* 1 of ProductName1 ($20.00 value!)
* 2 of ProductName2 ($10.00 value!)

You can edit the above text at Design > PageText. This ARTICLE outlines the process. Search for the text above to find the individual PageText IDs to change them. Be sure not to delete the variables contained within any PageText IDs ({0}, {1}, {2}, etc.

Important Notes

Products with options can’t be configured as free accessories. Additionally, free accessories can’t be hidden in the shopping cart – each free accessory must display as a line item in the shopping cart when using the Include Free Accessory(s) field.

If the "Free Accessory" Product stock is at 0 and the product has Do Not Allow Backorders set, the Bundle will not be orderable.

Customers will get an error stating "Sorry, the following kit item is currently out of stock: XXX" with XXX being the item that has zero stock. It does not allow them to add the "Primary" bundle product to cart.


Bundle products are a big hit with customers, due to the convenience and cost savings they offer. What’s more, is they’re pretty simple to set up in your store. With everything your shoppers need bundled into one discounted package, it’s a deal they’ll find hard to resist.

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