Your store's Lightbox feature gives customers a detailed close-up look at products on your storefront. The way your Lightbox interacts with your product images depends on several factors.

Products With a Single Product Image

If you’ve uploaded a single product image for a product, the Alternate View thumbnail (productcode-2S.jpg) will not display beneath the main product image, even if it exists. When a customer clicks on the main image, they’ll see the larger image in the Lightbox.

However, if you’re using color swatch options and the Alternate View thumbnail exists, it will appear once one of the color swatches is selected. This way, customers can return to the default product image.

Products With Multiple Product Images

If you’ve uploaded multiple product images for a product, Alternate View thumbnails will be displayed, and will be named in the following format:

  • productcode-2S.jpg

  • productcode-3S.jpg

  • productcode-4S.jpg

  • etc.

In the screen shot pictured above, the small image on the left is a thumbnail of the main image – this is the -2S photo. The other two small images are Alternate View thumbnails (-3S and -4S, respectively).

When a customer hovers over an Alternate View thumbnail, the main image is changed to display the corresponding medium-sized Alternate View image (-3T, -4T, etc.).

Please keep in mind that if no Alternate View images exist, these thumbnails will not be displayed.

Setting up Alternate View Thumbnails

When you initially upload a product image, use the Enable Alternate View Photo feature to create Alternate View thumbnails. Since this feature is configured on a per-image basis, you can configure a primary image with an Alternate View thumbnail and secondary images without (or vice versa).

For more information, see our "Alternate Product Images" setup guide.

Viewing Alternate Images with the Lightbox

If the -2S image (primary Alternate View thumbnail) exists and the secondary ones do not, the Alternate View thumbnail will not be displayed (unless Option Color Swatches exist, as noted above). When a customer clicks an image, they’ll see all the larger Alternate View images in the Lightbox.

If there is no -2S image but there are -3S (and higher) images, the secondary Alternate View thumbnails will be shown beneath the main product image. If only one image exists (for example, -2S and -3S do not exist, but -4S does exists), the image will only appear if a color swatch is selected.

If there are no Alternate View thumbnail images, there will be no indication that any Alternate View images exist. Clicking the image to display the Lightbox will still display all the larger Alternate View images. If Option Color Swatches are in use, once they are selected, there is no method to return to the primary product image without reloading the page.

Option Color Swatches

If you’ve configured Option Color Swatches and a customer selects a color swatch, the Lightbox will display the color swatch that was selected as well as all the product’s primary and secondary Alternate View images. The Lightbox will not display the non-selected color swatch images.

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