The Volusion API is a powerful feature that allows merchants on Business, and Prime monthly hosting plans to connect with third-party applications and share information on orders, products, and more. Advanced users even have the ability to create their own custom integrations using web development languages and technology that can manage data in XML format. You can even import data into Volusion using third-party systems!

Accessing API Help

To find documentation on the Volusion API including code examples:

  1. Go to Inventory > Volusion API.

  2. In the Generic section, click the Volusion API Interation Help link next to the heading.

Export Information

From here, you'll be able to find information on both importing to and exporting from your store using the API, including several specialized exports. Each type of export can be selected from the export drop-down menu. Additionally, for each special export, instructions on how to use the export as well as connection string information will be displayed.

The Volusion API provides specialized exports for the following third-party services:

  • Endicia Dazzle

  • Pitney Bowes


  • Monsoon Stone Edge

Additionally, generic exports are also provided for exporting product, customer, and order data from your store.

Import Information

Information on importing data into the database using the API can be found in the Volusion API Integration Help page by selecting the Import button at the top of the menu. You can view connection string information to connect to the API, as well as examples for importing using various web scripting languages by choosing one of the 13 different tables that the API can import to from the drop-down menu near the top of the page.

Obtaining Connection Information

Create your own custom imports or exports using the Volusion API requires both an administrator username and encrypted password string to create a connection to the API. Not to worry: this can be obtained from either the Integration Help page's imports or exports sections!ย 

Within either the import or export section, choose the username (which is the email address) of an administrator account from the drop-down menu. This will be the user name you can use to connect to your store via the API!

The encrypted password string can then be obtained from the general query string information field. The password will be displayed between the text "&EncryptedPassword=" and "&".

API Password Notification

Please note that due to PCI security guidelines, you will be automatically prompted to update your store's administrator account password every 90 days. Any time your administrator account password is updated, any URL string used to access your store through the Volusion API must be updated. You can obtain an updated URL for a specific export from the API section of your Admin Area!


The Volusion API is a powerful feature that can extend your Volusion store beyond a simple shopping cart solution. For more information, see our Volusion API Developer resources!

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