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The QuickBooks Web Connector lets you quickly transfer data from your store to your QuickBooks Company file. This integration uses the Volusion API, so you’ll need to be on a qualifying hosting plan to use it. You’ll also need an active SSL certificate installed on your store. To view a list of QuickBooks versions you can use with the Web Connector, go to support.volusion.com and type "QuickBooks" in the Search bar.

Before you can transfer customers, products, and orders from your store, you’ll need to download the Web Connector program and configure a few settings. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser when configuring and working with Web Connector.

To get started, go to Inventory > Import/Export in your Admin Area and select Volusion API. In the Accounting section, Enable QuickBooks. If you’ve already enabled QuickBooks and are currently using the IIF export method, you’ll need to reset this information before you can use Web Connector. To do so, follow the instructions in STEP 1 of our main Web Connector knowledge base article.

Before you download the Web Connector software, it’s a good idea to set up the mapping for your accounts. You’ll need this mapping to be accurate when you run Web Connector for the first time. Click Manage QuickBooks Web Connector HERE, then click Edit to Make Changes to Config Variables.

Most of these variables are used to determine how your accounts display in QuickBooks. The Web Connector will automatically create accounts using the names you enter in this section, and account names in your company file must be unique. So before you proceed, make sure you don’t already have existing accounts using these names. If you do, you can modify the corresponding field here. For more information about each QuickBooks Config Variable, see STEP 4 of our main Web Connector knowledge base article.

After you’ve finished mapping your accounts, click Back in your browser to select the Volusion administrative account email address you want to use. You’ll use the password for this account when you run the Web Connector. Now you can click to Download the Web Connector application.

To complete the setup process, generate the QuickBooks Web Connector file by clicking Create. When you see the yellow notification bar appear, click Here to download the file and save it to your desktop. You now have all the tools you need to use the Web Connector. To learn how to import data from within QuickBooks, check out the next video in this series.

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