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When creating a new category, it's important to consider how you want to display its products on the storefront's category details page. The most important of these settings is the Product Display Mode, which you'll find under the Advanced Info section in the Product Display tab.

The default selection is Lightweight Grid. It allows you to specify the number of rows and columns you'd like to display on each page of the results, but it doesn't allow visitors to add products to the cart from the category details page. To do so, they must proceed to the product details page by clicking the product's image or name.

This is the Grid option. It's the same as the Lightweight Grid, except this option allows visitors to add products directly to their cart.

The Single Rows option displays each product as a separate row that fills the width of the content area. You can limit the number of rows that display on the page by using the Display Rows field.

This is the List option. It's similar to Single Rows but doesn't display thumbnail images.

Finally, this is the Checkboxes option. It allows your customers to add multiple items to the cart at once. Like the Single Rows and List options, this option allows you to specify the number of rows you'd like to display, but not the number of columns.

By default, category details pages display products alphabetically by title. To change this, you can use the Default Sort By option. You can also specify which product record fields appear on the category details page by using the eight Yes / No options below.

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