Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.



To create a custom search refinement filter, you first need to turn on search refinement. Go to Settings > Config Variables, click Search, and type "search refinement" in the Name field. Then click the orange Search button, select Enable Search Refinement, and save.

Now let’s create a filter. Go to Inventory > Categories, click Add, and type the name of your filter in the Category Name field. The name you enter here will appear on your storefront to shoppers. We’ll call this one "Color". Leave the Subcategory of field blank, and select an unused nav menu from the Show in Menu dropdown. Then scroll down to the Misc tab of the Advanced Info section, and select Filter Category. When you’re finished, Save.

Next we’ll create choices for this filter. Click Add, and choose "No Thanks". Type the selection name in the Category Name field — we'll call this one, "Black" — and assign it as a subcategory of the category you just created. Leave the rest of the options blank and click Save. Now we’ll use the same steps to create a second choice called “Orange”. When finished, click Save.

Now you need to assign products to your filter—they’ll show up on your storefront when shoppers select it. Go to Inventory > Products, choose a product code, and click Edit Categories. Select the applicable filter, click Apply, and Save. Repeat this step for any products you’d like to assign to your filters.

Once you’re finished, go to Settings > Maintenance and click Rebuild next to Search Index. Your filter is now active on your storefront.

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