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With search refinement, your customers can filter search results by category, price, brand, and more. To activate search refinement for your storefront, go to Settings > Config Variables in your Admin Area and select Enable Search Refinement.

Your storefront will display a Search Within text box on search results pages next to the Sort By menu, as well as Find by Category, Find by Brand, and Find by Pricing filter options.

The Find by Brand request pulls from the Manufacturer field on a product record under the Advanced Info > Misc tab.

The Find by Pricing option uses a preset formula to group product prices in tiers. It won't appear unless the search returns at least 4 results that feature a range of different prices.

To display the filters as drop-down menus instead of links, go to Settings > Config Variables, and click Search. Enter "search refinement" in the name field, and click the orange search button. Then, enable the Show Search Refinement As Dropdowns variable.

By default, search refinement options only appear on search results pages. To display them on category pages, select Enable Search Refinement on Category Pages.

If you understand HTML, you can customize the display location of your search refinement options. For more information, visit our support site and search for How to Use Search Refinement.

If you’d like to rename the default filters, go to Design > Site Content, select the Page Text article group, the SearchResults category, and modify articles 710, 714, and 716 as needed. When finished, press Save.

You can hide the brand and pricing filters individually by toggling their config variables.

To create your own custom filters, see our video called How to Create a Custom Search Refinement Filter.

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