The flexibility of the Volusion e-commerce system allows you to configure your store's product display settings, including the Sort By feature, in a number of ways. You can also disable the Sort By feature if you don't want it on your storefront at all.

Getting Started

The Sort By function is simply a drop-down menu that allows shoppers to change the way products on a particular category page are arranged. If you don't want to use it, you can disable it by changing an option in your Category settings.

Note that deactivating this option does affect other functionality of your storefront, so please read this article in its entirety to understand the full implications of removing this feature.

Editing Category Options

To remove the Sort By feature:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and click Inventory > Categories.

  2. Click View List. 

  3. Click the ID of the category to edit.

  4. Under Advanced Settings on the Product Display tab, set Display Featured Products Only to Y.

  5. Click Save. Repeat this process for every category in your store.

Once these steps are complete, the Sort By option no longer displays on the amended categories.

However, there are some important notes you should be aware of when making these changes.


Disabling the Sort By feature forces all products in the category to display on a single page, eliminating page number navigation. As such, you may need to change the Display Columns setting so that customers don't have a single lengthy column list of products to scroll through.

Additionally, configuring any product category setting to display only featured products will also cause the Featured Products image to display on the Featured Products section of your storefront's main page.

Note that this element is simply an image in your store. You can modify and then replace it by uploading a new image with your store's built-in FTP account.

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