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The simplest way to add color swatch and alternate view photos is on your product pages in your Admin Area. If you need a quick review, please watch our videos called "How to Set Product Images" and "How to Set Color Swatches". But if you need to add many photos at once, you can upload them in bulk using Volusion’s FTP feature.

If you haven't set up an FTP account yet, log in to your MyVolusion account and click Manage FTP. Then, click Add, copy the username and password to a convenient location, and click Save. To access your FTP account, you can use an FTP client of your choice. If you don't have one, you can download a free client like FileZilla.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using FTP to upload images. First, remember that images aren’t automatically re-sized by the software, so make sure your images are the right size before you upload them.

Another thing to remember is that your image files must follow a strict naming pattern to work properly. For alternate images, the small swatch that displays beneath the main product image must be named "productcode-3S.JPG". Be sure to replace “product code” with your item’s actual product code. The software's default size for this image when re-sized automatically through the admin area is 75 pixels by 75 pixels, but you can use whatever size you like. We recommend using the jpeg format for all product images.

The main image must be named "productcode-3T.JPG". The software's default size for this image is 300 pixels by 300 pixels. Again, you can use whatever size you like. When you click the main image to view the largest size, the image must be named "productcode-3.JPG". The software's default size for this image is 500 pixels by 500 pixels.

If you'd like to add more alternate views, simply replace the "3" with a "4" in the next set …and a "5" in the set after that. You can add as many as you like.

To upload the images to your storefront, open the Vspfiles directory in your FTP account, then open Photos, and drag them from your computer into the folder. Note that this folder must have a file named “productcode-2S.jpg” corresponding to the main image in order for the alternate photos to display on your site. You can either upload it directly to this folder, or let the software create it for you when you upload the main image in your Admin Area by clicking Advanced Settings and selecting Enable Alternate View Photo.

Once all of the files are in place, they should appear on your storefront. Click the swatches to change the main image, and click the main image to view the large version.

Color swatches can be uploaded the same way. The small swatch icon must be named "productcode-optionID-S.JPG". The software's default size for this image is 25 pixels by 25 pixels. To find the option ID, go to Inventory > Options.

The main image must be named "productcode-optionID-T.JPG". The default size for this image and the largest image are the same as that of the alternate views. The largest image must be named "productcode-optionID.jpg". You can upload as many images as you like.

In your FTP account, upload them the same way you did for alternate views, but drag the files into the Options subdirectory. They should now appear on your storefront.

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