Variety sells. The more product options you offer, the more shoppers you can attract and sell to. Some customers may even love something you offer so much that they end up buying different variations of the same thing.

While more sales sounds like great news, it also sounds like more work for you. But not so. Volusion has your store solution.

The MultiChild Add to Cart feature lets you display product options in a grid on the product’s details page. Each “child” product (aka the variant of the “parent” or main product) will have its own row displaying its Product Code, a column for the Child Product Name, a column for Price, along with a quantity field and checkbox, as shown in this example:

Customers can select which child products they want to purchase, enter the quantities and click Add to Cart to place everything into their shopping cart all at once (instead of having to do it one at a time).

This is especially useful if you offer lots of different variations of the same product, such as a running shoe that comes in 3 colors and 6 sizes.

To quickly create a lot of child products and enable your customers to add them to their carts all at once, follow the steps below. 

Enabling Multi-Child Add to Cart

First, you need to add option categories and options for your product. Follow these simple directions, or refer to our Option Categories and Options article.

From your store's Admin Dashboard, choose Inventory > Options from the main menu.

Go to Inventory > Options and select Option Categories from the Filter dropdown menu.

Click the Add button at the top right of the page.

Enter the information for your Option Category. This should include an Option Category Description. Set the Display Type to Dropdown.

Now, create your new options and assign them to the Option Category you just created.

From your store's Admin Dashboard, choose Inventory > Options from the main menu.

Click the Add button at the top right of the page.

Add your information for your Option. This should include a Price Diff (the amount that choosing this option will change the product price), choosing the Option Category from the dropdown and an Option Description (what the option will be called).

When finished configuring the new option, click Save at the top right of the page.

Repeat these steps for any additional options you need to create.

Create your product and assign your new options to the product.

At the bottom of the Basic Info section, click Select Options.

Select the options you want to assign to the product on the pop-out and click the Apply button.

Click the Save button at the top right of the Product page.

  1. Now you should see the Enable Options Inventory Control check box under the Edit Options link – make sure it’s selected and click Save.

  2. Under Advanced Info in the Product Display tab, select the Enable Multi Child Add to Cart option and click Save.

  3. Go back to the bottom of the Basic Info section, click Edit Options, deselect the options you selected previously, and click Save.

The product should now be listed along with its options under the Options Inventory Control section on the product edit page.

You can edit the Multi-Child Add To Cart list to display in any order you like by simple product editing as outlined in THIS ARTICLE.


This is the quickest way to create a large number of variant products. You can also create them one-by-one, which won't require the use of the inventory control grid or application of options to the product.

Changes to the Product Page

Related Products won't display for any product that uses the multi-child add to cart feature, but Accessories will still display below the description fields. See Product Settings for more information on Accessories.

Stock Message for Multi-child Add To Cart Products

It is also possible to have an out-of-stock message show for Multi-Child Add To Cart products. To accomplish this you can use Smart Match with the Multi-Child Add To Cart feature. Out of stock products will still display, but they will be marked as Out of Stock and cannot be selected.


Having a lot of product variations should be a reason to celebrate, not a burden. We make it easy to create large numbers of variant products and enable your shoppers to add specific numbers of each one to their cart all at once.

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