Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.



With the CRM System's signature function, you can create a standard signature to be included at the end of every ticket reply.

To create a signature, go to Customers > CRM System in your Admin Area and click a ticket ID number. Scroll down and click Add Signature , click List All, then click Add. If you would like this signature to be available only to a certain admin, enter the admin’s customer ID number. For a list of customer IDs, go to Customers > Administrators. In this case, we’ll specify this signature for only the admin account currently in use.

Next, enter a Title, which will appear in the Signatures drop-down menu, and a Body, which is the actual text that will appear on ticket replies.

If you would like this signature to be added automatically to every ticket reply, select Make This My Default. Keep in mind that if you leave the Customer ID field blank, this setting will make this signature the default for every admin.

We'll also add another non-default signature for this admin, and a non-default one for all admins.

Now, when we click a ticket ID number, the default signature is already populated into the body window. And if we click the Add Signatures link, we can select the other signatures. Note the distinction between Shared Signatures and My Signatures, which is based on whether or not you enter a value in the Customer ID field. If we access this menu from a different admin account, only the shared signature appears.

If you assign more than one signature as the default for one or more admins, the most recent one will be populated into the reply window.

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