Flexibility comes in handy in many instances in life — in making plans, in yoga class and in running your business. Your Volusion store offers you the flexibility to handle almost any situation that may arise in a busy sales day, including adding a note called an “offline payment record” for orders paid for outside the regular online transaction process.

You can choose to enter an offline payment record in the payment log area of any order. It can be used to manually configure an order as having received either full or partial payment. This feature can be useful if you need to modify orders after they’ve been processed (for example, manually adding a payment record for an order that was declined but paid for offline). 

 Offline payment records can also be used to fix issues with incorrectly processed payments that cause discrepancies in your store’s reporting. 

Offline payments apply to your store’s overall total payments received and affect the total amount due to orders, but these payments are not processed through your store’s payment gateway.

Adding the Offline Payment Record

  1. On the OrderID page, expand the Payments section to view the Payments & Credits area of the order.

  2. In the Change Payment Type menu, select Offline Payment Record.

  3. Fill out the required Payment Date, Payment Type*, Payment Amount, and Paid Via fields.

  4. Click Apply Offline Payment to enter the offline payment into the Payment Log section of the order.

*Authorize implies that you are still awaiting completion of the payment. Both Capture and Debit / Sale will add to the Total Received payment on the order, while CREDIT – Adjustment will subtract from the Total Received payment on the order. Void, Declined, and CREDIT – For RMAs are for notational purposes only and will not affect the total payment amounts on the order.

Removing Offline Payment Records

You can delete offline payment records by clicking on the "X" next to each payment log you have entered into the system.


Not every order follows the same processing path. If one ventures off course — or simply offline — you’ll now know exactly how to handle it, and without messing up your store’s reporting. Now that’s nimble!

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